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Monday, October 10, 2011

Team KWC Does Not Believe in Boring Conferences!

Team KWC firmly holds the belief that there is no such thing as a boring conference! With India’s vast array of scenic, heritage, arts and crafts, architecture, nature and wildlife, culinary, spiritual and therapeutic attractions, there are a multitude of social events that can be planned for small and large scale conferences. At KWC, we make it our mission to meticulously plan and organize such events so that conference attendees will find their experience to be extraordinary.

Here are five ways we can make your conference experience in India unforgettably fun:

1.       Elephant Polo
YPO, Jaipur--Elephant Polo

Who says polo should only be played on horseback? Our guests at YPO will tell you that playing the popular colonial sport on elephant back was extremely amusing.

2.       Enjoy India’s Numerous Cultures by Watching a Classical Indian Dance
Classical Dance during the 71st Congress of FIP, 2011

We’ve organized numerous classical Indian dances for our conferences over the years and our guests love them! Classical dances in India usually tell a story of thousand year old legends and cultural practices.

3.       Dance the Night Away in a Party
IIW, 2011 Delegates Rocking to the Beat

          After watching a scintillating classical dance sequence, you can bust some of your own dance moves on the dance floor!

4.       Have a Big, Fat, Indian Style Wedding Ceremony
YPO, Royal Rajasthan

Weddings in India are celebrated with a melange of bright colours, lights, music, and dancing! Whether you’re participating in a mock wedding as a guest or a couple to be married, you will get the chance of experiencing a [very loud] magical moment that will surely be memorable for years to come.

5.       Tours, Tours, and More Tours
The Taj Mahal

Whether it’s pre- or post- conference tours, spouse/partner tours, city/day tours, we’ve organized a multitude of tours for our conference guests over the years. All of India is open to you, whether you want to explore the riveting backwaters of Kerala, visit the luxurious castles of Jaipur, or of course, marvel at the amazing Mughal architecture of the Taj Mahal.

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