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"To create a professional, unique and vibrant India conference experience that will build India as the preferred venue for the Global Meetings Industry."

Friday, October 28, 2011

Feedback and Testimonial from Cinzia Petruzzello, General Secretariat AIPPI in Regards to AIPPI Forum and ExCo 2011

KW Conferences organized and managed the AIPPI Forum and ExCo from October 13-19, 2011 in Hyderabad. We are happy that Cinzia Petruzzello, General Secretariat AIPPI,  rated the conference experience as a 9 out of 10—but as she says, only because if she rated us 10 out of 10, then there would be no room for improvement!

She also stated that KW Conferences provided excellent service in terms of transportation, social events, efficiency, responsiveness, and that she would definitely recommend KW Conferences to her friends and colleagues.  

The PCMA International Summit

The highlights of the PCMA International Summit in Las Vegas which coincided with IMEX - America. [Please view Ms. Monimita Sarkar from 3:16 - 3:36]

Monday, October 24, 2011

Have a Great Diwali!

Wishing you a very happy Diwali full of light and joy – Team KWC

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Are You Green? Team KWC has taken little steps into becoming a greener organization!

Steps we have taken to becoming environmentally friendly:
1.       Reusing paper for printing non-official documents
2.       Handing over signs to the vendors after an event
      Vendors then hand over the signs to paper scrap collectors who sell these to recycling plants or other industries
3.       Turning power down during lunch break
      Might not seem like it will make a big difference, but when you total the hours, it comes up to almost 25 hours a month!
4.       Employing temporary staff
This also helps fuel the local economy!
5.       Using proper coffee mugs instead of disposable ones!
       Did you know that a single office can produce a landfill full of disposable coffee mugs in a year?
6.       Utilizing energy efficient light bulbs and other energy efficient electrical appliances when possible.

We hope to take further steps to reduce emissions and promote environmental sustainability in the years to come. Team KWC urges you to do the same and remember that change occurs one step at a time. Every single step counts!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Meet KW Conferences at the 50th ICCA Congress and Exhibition

Our directors, Ms. Rashmi Hazarika and Mr. Arjun Narne will be representing team KWC in the 50th ICCA Congress and Exhibition in Leipzig Germany from October 22nd to October 26th.

Ms. Rashmi Hazarika and Mr. Arjun Narne During an Employee Appreciation  Presentation
The ICCA Congress is the annual meeting of the International Congress and Convention Association, an organization of the main specialists in handling, transporting and accommodating international events. This year’s Congress will receive more than 1000 delegates from 70 countries across the world.

The Chariman of the organizing committee has stated that this year’s Congress will focus on change and innovation as well as with environmental sustainability. In fact, Congress attendees will have access to free public transportation with their ICCA badges.

 “ICCA is synonymous with innovation. It is important to look beyond the rim of your teacup and that’s exactly what the Congress programme will do for usAndrĂ© Kaldenhoff (Chairman of the Host Committee)

Interesting Architecture in Leipzig, Germany
Team KWC is quite impressed with the ICCA committee’s association with award winning Scottish Conservation Charity, Trees for Life, which works toward native forest, ecosystem and habitat restoration.

An excerpt from the ICCA website:
To date we have planted over 800,000 trees across our target area and assisted in the regeneration of more than 4,5000 hectares of land.
Trees for Life not only seeks to counteract and reverse the centuries of deforestation which have led to the almost complete loss of Scotland's native woodlands, but also to be pioneers in the newly emerging field of ecological restoration.”

Saturday, October 15, 2011

And So We Start the AIPPI Forum and Exco, 2011 in Hyderabad

As mentioned earlier, KW Conferences is managing the AIPPI Forum and Exco, 2011 in Hyderabad. The 5-day Forum and Exco commenced on Thursday, October 13th.  

Our Registrations Team--Photo Badge Printing 

Mr. Pravin Anand, Presedent Aippi India, Chairperson, Organizing Committee

An Enthusiastic Cultural Dance and Live Entertainment

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Repeat and Referral Business in the Conferencing World

As with most other service industry related businesses, the Professional Conference Organizer business involves building a loyal customer base through repeat and referral business. You must have heard the saying ‘one satisfied client review can generate an unlimited customer base;’ this holds doubly true for the conference management business.

Panel Discussion during FICPI, India Symposium 2009
A conference is not a uni-dimensional product or service such as, say, toothpaste or a restaurant (I realize that a restaurant is also multidimensional in terms of service, ambiance, and cuisine, but it typically only sells a single quantifiable product: food). The multi-dimensional aspects of a conference, such as dinners, discussion panels, breakout meetings, coffee and snack breaks throughout the day, transportation requirements and so on, demand an extremely meticulous eye for detail and consistent deliveries on behalf of the organizers. We want to be very sure that every tiny aspect of the conference goes well for our clients and delegates.

Captivating Traditional Dance, YPO Royal Rajasthan
As a testament to our quality of service and dedication to creating a perfect conference experience, we have built a large client base through return and referral business. Some of our return and referral based clients include the Asian Patent Attorneys Association [APAA], Young Presidents Organization [YPO], Metal Junction, International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property [AIPPI], National Seed Association of India, Indian Tea Association, Federation Internationale Des Conseils en Propreite Industrielle [FICPI], and many more. Please view our complete list of conferences by clicking the following link:

Monday, October 10, 2011

Team KWC Does Not Believe in Boring Conferences!

Team KWC firmly holds the belief that there is no such thing as a boring conference! With India’s vast array of scenic, heritage, arts and crafts, architecture, nature and wildlife, culinary, spiritual and therapeutic attractions, there are a multitude of social events that can be planned for small and large scale conferences. At KWC, we make it our mission to meticulously plan and organize such events so that conference attendees will find their experience to be extraordinary.

Here are five ways we can make your conference experience in India unforgettably fun:

1.       Elephant Polo
YPO, Jaipur--Elephant Polo

Who says polo should only be played on horseback? Our guests at YPO will tell you that playing the popular colonial sport on elephant back was extremely amusing.

2.       Enjoy India’s Numerous Cultures by Watching a Classical Indian Dance
Classical Dance during the 71st Congress of FIP, 2011

We’ve organized numerous classical Indian dances for our conferences over the years and our guests love them! Classical dances in India usually tell a story of thousand year old legends and cultural practices.

3.       Dance the Night Away in a Party
IIW, 2011 Delegates Rocking to the Beat

          After watching a scintillating classical dance sequence, you can bust some of your own dance moves on the dance floor!

4.       Have a Big, Fat, Indian Style Wedding Ceremony
YPO, Royal Rajasthan

Weddings in India are celebrated with a melange of bright colours, lights, music, and dancing! Whether you’re participating in a mock wedding as a guest or a couple to be married, you will get the chance of experiencing a [very loud] magical moment that will surely be memorable for years to come.

5.       Tours, Tours, and More Tours
The Taj Mahal

Whether it’s pre- or post- conference tours, spouse/partner tours, city/day tours, we’ve organized a multitude of tours for our conference guests over the years. All of India is open to you, whether you want to explore the riveting backwaters of Kerala, visit the luxurious castles of Jaipur, or of course, marvel at the amazing Mughal architecture of the Taj Mahal.

*For a complete list of our services, please visit

Saturday, October 8, 2011

KWC is Proud to be Associated with Hyderabad Convention Visitors Bureau [HCVB]

Hyderabad Convention Visitors Bureau is India’s very first regional convention and visitors bureau. The Bureau’s vision is to “make Hyderabad as the most compelling destination in India and accelerate sustainable economic growth and development by increasing visitor and convention business.”

Our team has worked closely with the Hyderabad International Convention Center [HICC] since 2006 to set up HCVB, India’s first Convention Bureau, and the dream has finally manifested into reality in 2011! HCVB is a one stop solution to MICE related activities whether it’s bid assistance, convention planning, or onsite event servicing.

Hyderabad International Convention Centre
We have had the pleasure of collaborating with HCVB numerous times and we’re proud to state that KW Conferences is on the HCVB board. We are also connected to HCVB personally, as our director, Mr. Arjun Narne, is the Secretary of the HCVB board.

Mr. Arjun Narne, Director KW Conferences Pvt. Ltd.

Brief information on Hyderabad

Known as the ancient city of pearls and also the high tech city Cyberabad, Hyderabad is a true blend of traditional and modern India. In Hyderabad, one can engage in a myriad of activities, whether you want to shop at the luminous bangle stores near the heritage site of Char Minar or go dancing in the hip nightclubs of Jubilee Hills.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Our Next Event: International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property [AIPPI] Forum and Exco 2011

International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI) is holding the AIPPI Forum and Exco 2011 in Hyderabad, from the 13th to the 18th of October. AIPPI It is the oldest global association for the protection of intellectual and has around 9,000 members from more than 120 countries. Up to 1000 delegates are expected for the AIPPI forum this year.

The AIPPI Forum & ExCo 2011 will highlight successful partnerships between stakeholders and interest groups. The meeting will focus on the education of intellectual property rights and empowerment through workshops and demonstrations. Patent related issues relating to the pharmaceutical industry and inventions, software and social networks will specifically be addressed.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Join Ms Monimita Sarkar at IMEX, as She Shares Her Expertise in the Seminar: Where Business Goes, Meetings Follow – “Atypical” International Markets!

Ms. Monimita Sarkar, Managing Director KW Conferences Pvt. Ltd.

Team KWC and our director Ms. Monimita Sarkar invite you to join us at the seminar Where Business Goes, Meetings Follow – “Atypical”International Markets! 

We are very excited and honoured to represent India as a leading Asian MICE Destination at IMEX, in front of thousands of international buyers. The seminar will take place on Tuesday, October 11th from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM at Titian 2301A, The Venetian / Palazzo Congress Centre.

The Brightly Lit Venetian, Las Vegas

A little background on what the seminar will cover:

“With the expansion of the Global economy, business has expanded beyond “typical” metropolitan areas. In fact, you may find yourself looking at destinations you may not even be able to pronounce! In this session Global Cynergies’ will share some of their experiences and tips on booking meetings in what may be unfamiliar destinations. Hear from a panel of experts.”

Please meet us at the Luxury Partnership Stand, booth 2246 for an exclusive interaction on possibilities for hosting international events in India. Please fix an appointment with our director, Ms Monimita Sarkar, by clicking the link below: