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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Repeat and Referral Business in the Conferencing World

As with most other service industry related businesses, the Professional Conference Organizer business involves building a loyal customer base through repeat and referral business. You must have heard the saying ‘one satisfied client review can generate an unlimited customer base;’ this holds doubly true for the conference management business.

Panel Discussion during FICPI, India Symposium 2009
A conference is not a uni-dimensional product or service such as, say, toothpaste or a restaurant (I realize that a restaurant is also multidimensional in terms of service, ambiance, and cuisine, but it typically only sells a single quantifiable product: food). The multi-dimensional aspects of a conference, such as dinners, discussion panels, breakout meetings, coffee and snack breaks throughout the day, transportation requirements and so on, demand an extremely meticulous eye for detail and consistent deliveries on behalf of the organizers. We want to be very sure that every tiny aspect of the conference goes well for our clients and delegates.

Captivating Traditional Dance, YPO Royal Rajasthan
As a testament to our quality of service and dedication to creating a perfect conference experience, we have built a large client base through return and referral business. Some of our return and referral based clients include the Asian Patent Attorneys Association [APAA], Young Presidents Organization [YPO], Metal Junction, International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property [AIPPI], National Seed Association of India, Indian Tea Association, Federation Internationale Des Conseils en Propreite Industrielle [FICPI], and many more. Please view our complete list of conferences by clicking the following link:

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