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"To create a professional, unique and vibrant India conference experience that will build India as the preferred venue for the Global Meetings Industry."

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


KWC is a partner AIESEC - a -run organisation with global reach that is focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development. Thanks to AIESEC young people have the opportunity to take part in a program of international internships and discover their professional potential as well as travel in such an exotic country as India. KWC has already hosted four interns - from Poland, Hungary and Spain.

"I remember when I got matched to the internship at KW Conferences and telling my family and friends that I was going to India for one year. They got pretty shocked and asked me if I was 100% sure. We all know that living and working in India is a totally different story for foreigners. Here you have to cope up with a lot of unexpected and extreme situations and be quite flexible and adjust to the culture, customs and traditions. Now that I am about to finish my 11-month internship I do not regret at all about my decision. My experience in KW Conferences has been very positive, challenging and fruitful.

As a Marketing and Operations Executive my scope of work has been varied from business development, database management and development for Green Power VI Conference to handling the entire inventory of rooms for Solarcon India 2009, the 47th Pedicon Conference and the 1st Indian Seed Congress. I have been also involved in the development of the new company web site coming up with new ideas and concepts.

I really enjoyed working onsite where you have to deal with last minute changes and requests. Working onsite means to work tirelessly day and night in order to ensure that everything will run smoothly. The hard work and effort are really worthwhile when you receive memorable accolade from the clients. This is really fulfilling for all the staff involved in the event.

I would like to thank you all and every one of KWC team, especially Moni, Rashmi, Sumitro and Archana. Also Arjun, Swetha, Vasu and Eknath from Hyderabad office. It was really fun working with all of you. Thank you for all your support, advice and guidance. It has been an authentic pleasure and an unforgettable experience that I will always remember.

A BIG Shukriya for all of you!

Keep on creating successful stories and unforgettable experiences like mine…"

Laura Gamboa, Spain

Thursday, February 25, 2010

KWC founds World PCO Alliance

KWC together with its partners from Asia have founded World PCO Alliance.
We believe that this initiative will undoubtedly elevate the Asia Pacific as a powerful emerging market for regional and international association meetings.
All members of the Alliance are leaders in the meeting industry in their respective countries and regions and are contributing to the development of the local MICE industry.

Our Partners in WPCOA are:
  1. China Star Professional Programs from China
  2. Congress Corporation from Japan
  3. People – X from Korea
  4. AOS Conventions & Events from Malaysia
  5. Ace: Daytons Direct from Singapore
  6. K&A International from Taiwan

Our main objectives as a founding member of the WPCOA were:
  • To collaborate together and to ensure the effective promotion and marketing of members’ events in the region and the world at large.
  • To collectively share and exchange knowledge such as MICE education, technology, latest findings and other information and experiences for mutual benefit and development of the industry.
  • To further build and grow business leads, particularly in the association meeting industry.
  • To create alliance bases for PCO’s who may not have regional reach or presence except through the World PCO Alliance, hence attracting more business interests and generating a stronger presence, with a wider network of support.
The inuagural meeting of the Alliance was held at the 48th ICCA Congress. At this meeting, we chose Anthony Wong, AOS Conventions & Events Sdn. Bhd. elected as the President and Kayo Nomura from Congress Corporation as the Secretary.

We hope that more PCOs from the region and worldwide would like to join our initiative and share their knowledge in order to boost MICE industry in the respective countries and regions.
WPCOA website is just under construction and will be launched soon, where you would be able to find more information about each Partner, its past and forthcoming events as well as any news related to MICE industry in our countries.

KWC in social media

Nowadays social media, including such networking sites as Facebook, LinkedIn, My Space, and many many others offer very interesting information and PR tools for companies. Naturally we like to follow those modern trends so now you can find our profiles on:



We’ve also recently become a partner of I-Meet, social networking site for meeting and events planner and suppliers.

Join us in those interactive spaces, follow our blog, interact, comment and be informed about our current projects and future plans.