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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Are You Green? Team KWC has taken little steps into becoming a greener organization!

Steps we have taken to becoming environmentally friendly:
1.       Reusing paper for printing non-official documents
2.       Handing over signs to the vendors after an event
      Vendors then hand over the signs to paper scrap collectors who sell these to recycling plants or other industries
3.       Turning power down during lunch break
      Might not seem like it will make a big difference, but when you total the hours, it comes up to almost 25 hours a month!
4.       Employing temporary staff
This also helps fuel the local economy!
5.       Using proper coffee mugs instead of disposable ones!
       Did you know that a single office can produce a landfill full of disposable coffee mugs in a year?
6.       Utilizing energy efficient light bulbs and other energy efficient electrical appliances when possible.

We hope to take further steps to reduce emissions and promote environmental sustainability in the years to come. Team KWC urges you to do the same and remember that change occurs one step at a time. Every single step counts!

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