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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

KW Chief Marketing Officer, Speaker at ICCA Asia Pacific Educational Seminar in Kuching, Malaysia

Our Chief Marketing Officer, Ms Rajani Nair Deb, was invited to make a presentation at the ICCA Asia Pacific Educational Seminar at Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. 
This two-day educational seminar was attended by industry members from Sarawak and also ICCA members from the region. About 60 attended the seminar which featured both clients and suppliers taking part as panelists. 

Subject of presentation: "Rise of the Tiger and Dragon?"
China and India are the world’s biggest emerging economies.  Will they also be the world’s biggest emerging convention destinations?  Our panel will talk about how these countries are performing today and how they will affect the Asian meetings environment in the future.
This was a team with 2 other international clients whom has had their meetings organized or plan to have them in China and India. We presented our views on how China (for Sarah) and India (for Rajani) are performing in hosting the international association meetings in our respective countries – relating them to our respective organisation (as a convention center and PCO) and how we perceived the role of our country in this meetings industry.

To see the Seminar Photos Click Here

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