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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The KWC Team: “We Love Working Here!”

Team KWC decided to take a little trip to Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh to do a bit of team building mixed with some rest and recreation. These are the antics that transpired on our amazing trip!
Upon reaching Gwalior, most of us went sight seeing at the Scindia Palace. 

Team KWC on the steps of the Gwalior Fort.

The boys decide to cool off in the pool after a long day of sight seeing, in the hot scorching sun!

There was a short Employee Appreciation / Company Vision presentation that was brilliantly done.

In addition to planning stellar conferences, the KWC team can also perform killer dance moves.

Some more singing and dancing!

Soon, everyone was dancing. Those trying to run away were pushed back onto the dance floor!

The KWC Women Drivers! We drive the company forward!

The KWC Men in Black. Their job is to look suave!

Eknath has to perform a skit in which he's a conservative woman. Nikhil finds it hilarious!

Helen and Arjun dance to some good old fashioned Hindi music.

Vasu was really impressed by the mysore pak (cake like desert) served by the hotel.

Keep checking our blog regularly to view updates about more of the antics that went on during the KWC Offsite.

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